About us

Alefarm Brewing is a Copenhagen-based craft brewery with a focus on modern hoppy offerings and a wide array of unique, flavorful mixed-fermentation farmhouse ales.

In late 2017, the brewery launched a massive expansion and has just moved into a new location just south of Copenhagen with a minimum output of 120 bbl (14.000 l) per month. The majority of the beer will be packaged in 500 ml cans and 30 liter KeyKegs with the mixed-fermentation farmhouse ales dedicated to 375 ml bottles.

Alefarm Brewing was founded in 2014 by Andreas Skytt Larsen and was fueled by a huge interest in and passion for uniquely crafted tart saisons and the initial surge of modern style IPAs from Vermont and New England. The basis for taking the project to the next level was founded when good friend Kasper Tidemann joined the team, and a tightly-knitted partnership paved the way for bringing the passion and vision of Alefarm Brewing to a larger audience.

Through the few years of operation, the brewery has managed to put out several highly-acclaimed beers, participated in top beer festivals, and has collaborated with numerous world-class breweries from both the US and Europe.

The vision for Alefarm is to be the leading brewery in Denmark and one of the top breweries in Europe over the next couple of years and to be present in important marketplaces in both Europe and the rest of the world. The plan is not to revolutionize the craft beer world, but to put out a consistent, high-quality and passionately crafted product with high drinkability that will leave a huge impact in the current craft beer scene.